August 30, 2010

Hyper Bitchy LDKS -_-

Hey! nice to meet ya again blogmates. after one month i didn't post anything, finally, tonight i can post something precious. buahaha. as i had written on my last post that i've back to school and i got so much assignments, and exams of course. yeah, fvcking school.
Anyway, last friday (27/8) i went to Pondok Pemuda Cibodas with school for LDKS. hehehe. it means Latihan Dasar Kependidikan Siswa. i attend this camp for the selection to be OSIS member. haha! i spent there for 3 days and it's really annoying. the first day was fun although it was rainy. we played a lot of games. anyway i joined 'Padi' group with billy, rika, vivi, irene, rio, freddy, mary, tania, and regina. we made yell-yell *idk the grammar is right or not :p* and commitments. we also got an egg and we write our commitments on the egg and we must to keep this egg until the last day. then, we did so much games until evening. at night, we wrote our plans if we have been OSIS member. i wrote so much plans about make-a-party such as halloween, language day, and manymore. hehehehe. i'll really happy if those party will become true :p
Second day, we started to do competition games to get rewards or points. i can't explain all of the games but my favourite game was Telur Beracun. you must to bring an egg with a plate. but you must to bring the plate with ropes. not with hand. it's fun! wahahaha. At night, we did Jurit Malam. it was really scary because we must to walk alone across field and mountain without flashlight or candle. but luckily i met one of my friend and we walked together. hahahaha!
Third day, we did some competition games again. my favourite game was the longest tie. we must to arrange everything we had to be a very-long tie *it's difficult for me to explain this game with words* hahaha. then, we were hiking in the afternoon. it was very very tired and very very hot. my skin was burned. gosh -_- after did a long and tired hiking, bu sutri *my physics teacher* announced the winner of the competition games. and my group was lose. we were in last rank. really annoying :( huhuhu. after that, we went home. it was a traffic jam, so we arrived on Jakarta at 7:30 pm. very very tired day.
That's all! haha. it's 10:30 pm and i must to go to the bed. bye blogmates! wish me luck for tomorrow chinese exam and biology remedial :p