September 17, 2010

Hello Again! :D

Hey-ho! hello again blogmates. hehe. back from the holidaaay. last week i went to HK, Shenzhen, Macau, and Singapore for eid-holiday. yuhuu. but because i am lazy to write down all of the stories from first day until last day, i just upload the photos and tell ya some stories. tehee. sorry! :p enjoy my (crazy) photos! anyway i don't upload all of the photos. hehe. yeah, i'm really lazy. let's start itttt.
haha! in Shenzhen, i tried a chinese traditional candy *idk what's the name of this candy* it's sour and sweet. the round reds are sour fruits like 'aseman' and it covered by liquid sugar. it's delicious! :9

this is ruins of st. paul in Macau. i love this place a lot! :D all of the building in there have european structures and really classic.

guess where? yeah, venetian! :D

madame tussaud's! i kissed beyonce and met obama. lol.

hongkong disneyland! hehehe.

Universal Studios Singapore :)

an ultra-cute pinky taxi in Singapore. hahaha!

That's all! haha. need to see more photos? check out here! see ya blogmates! :D

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