September 25, 2010

Just The Way You Are :)

Hello! hehe. after a week i didn't post anything. now, i'll post something to make this blog 'awake' again. hahaha. leeeet's start it!
U-yeah, 3 days again is my born-day. okay i mean, birth-day. yuhuuuu. can't wait for that big day! i'm fifteen fifteen fifteen! :D but unfortunately, in the same day, i'll start my first mid-term test. daaaamn. but whatever i'm not really care with this freaking mid-term. hahaa. and i have a lot of things that i really want to have. yeah, maybe one of this things will be my b'day present. i hopeee!

a blackberry
Usher's raymond v. raymond deluxe
Taylor Swift's new album, speak now
Justin Bieber the unauthorized biography by Chas Newkey Burden
the short second life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer
an ipod touch
giordano or pull and bear's hoodie jacket
giordano's black pants
zara's shoes
domo-kun action figures
new notebook

Hehehehe. anyone wanna buy me one of this stuffs? pleaseeee. haha! anyway, i'm in a big love with! this is a great site contains amazing photos and images from tumblr or another websites. follow me, :) thankyouuu. and i'm also in a huge love with Bruno Mars' song, just the way you are, and Taylor Swift's song, mine. heaaaa. enough for today, blogmates. see ya!

i want to do this with my fellas! really want to :D

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